Face to Face Consultations Now Available

Updated 18th May 2020

Public Health England, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Health and Care  Professions Council and UK Government have produced guidelines for Physiotherapists to return to work following the lockdown. This ensures we provide a service which minimises exposure, follows social distance rules and helps to stop the spread of infection. These guidelines are constantly under review and can rapidly change and the following strategy is subject to change.

We have invested in PPE and safety screens, made changes to the working environment and have changed the way we practice. We also have a duty to clinically evaluate each patients’ general health and weigh up the benefit over risk when attending a face to face appointment.

It is not, however, practical or safe to bring all clients into the Centre at once. To ensure we obey social distancing rules, we will therefore adopt a process of the staggering of attendance, which may take some time. 

We plan to re-open The Physiotherapy Centre on Monday 18th May 2020 and we will slowly and gradually increase the intake of clients. This will allow us to test that our systems work well, and also provide manageable levels of clients in case there is a spike in infections and need to scale back. 

We have a 4 step plan to re-integrate our usual services with an open ended time frame due to the uncertainty of the effectiveness in keeping infections down in Phase 2 of the Government’s plan. 

We plan to re-integrate services in the following manner:

  1. Re-introduce face to face consultations 
  2. Re-open the hydrotherapy pool 
  3. Re-start gym rehabilitation 
  4. Re-start classes 

I would ask all clients attending The Physiotherapy Centre to follow our procedures to ensure your safety and that of the staff, which will allow us to stay open and continue our goal to help you become pain free.

Re-introducing face to face consultations

We have developed the following procedure for existing and new clients to receive treatment.

When you are contacted and invited to attend The Physiotherapy Centre, you will be provided with clear instructions on our procedure before entering the building. 

We will kindly ask no-one to enter the building unless told to do so by a member of staff.

Existing clients undergoing treatment

Step 1 : Phone Call/Video Call 

This phone call will determine whether it is safe and appropriate for you to continue with your current treatment/programme. 

Step 2 : Treatment

Your treatment will be delivered either face to face or remotely as determined in Step 1.

New clients and returning clients not recently undergoing treatment

Step 1 : Initial Telephone Consultation

The initial consultation helps the clinician to understand your problem and determine if a face to face appointment is required. We will identify if you are within one of the 3 identified categories of vulnerable patients as per Government guidelines.

If it is identified that a face to face appointment is not necessary or appropriate, the clinician will discuss with you your available options. This may include personalised and specific advice, and exercise prescription regarding your particular injury or problem.

If a clinical assessment is required then the clinician will check for Covid-19 symptoms and invite you to attend The Physiotherapy Centre at your pre-arranged time.

Step 2 :  Clinical Assessment

The clinician will perform a physical assessment to establish a diagnosis and then discuss your treatment options.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and really look forward to seeing you soon and helping you to get on with life.

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