Ruth De Vos qualified with a BSc in Physiotherapy from Brunel University in 1994 and began her career working in the large teaching hospital of Southampton University Hospital on the challenging respiratory rotations. Here she consolidated her skills and knowledge of respiratory medicine and respiratory physiotherapy in the areas of Chronic Obsructive Pulmonary Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, bronchiectasis and hyperventilation syndrome.

Since moving to work in the Respiratory Centre at the Queen Alexandra Hospital 15 years ago, Ruth has run the pulmonary rehabilitation programme and the respiratory physiotherapy outpatient clinics. She has an excellent working relationship with the Consultant Respiratory Physicians and Respiratory Nurse Specialists. Ruth is also a regular contributor to the local ‘Breathe Easy’ group- the support group for sufferers of chronic respiratory conditions, where she provides expert physiotherapy advice.

Ruth has developed a special interest in the treatment of asthma and hyperventilation syndrome and to further consolidate her extensive skill base she successfully completed the Buteyko breathing retraining course and is now a qualified Buteyko practitioner.

Ruth also has a special interest in the importance of exercise in the management of COPD, and of sputum clearance techniques in bronchiectasis.

Ruth is a partner at The Physiotherapy Centre, is married to Yves De Vos and has three young children.

HCPC Registered No. PH48077