The online booking process is only for musculoskeletal problems, for all neurological, respiratory and pediatric conditions please call on 02392 215 050 or email us via our online form.

You can now book video appointments for MUSCULOSKELETAL (MSK) PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Follow the simple instructions below to book your Physiotherapy video appointment. ┬áIf you have not had an appointment at The Physiotherapy Centre in the past 3 months, or if you are to be treated for a new condition, then you will need to book an ‘Initial Video or Telephone Consultation’.

If you have not booked online before you will be asked to create a new account – for which you will receive an email entitledRegistration Confirmation‘ – this is NOT your booking confirmation.

You will not be asked to make a payment at this point, however if you do fail to attend your appointment, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you could be charged a cancellation/non-attendance fee.

Before your appointment can be booked you will need to tick that you agree with the Payment, Cancellation and Feedback Policies and the Online Booking Terms and Conditions before clicking the BOOK NOW button.

Online Confirmation Email

Once you have made your booking you will shortly receive a confirmation email of the appointment (entitled ‘Online Appointment Confirmation‘), if however you do not receive an email within 2 hours please contact us on 02392 215 050 to confirm the booking.

Online Booking Emails: You should receive 2 emails when booking your appointment:

  1. Registration Confirmation
  2. Online Appointment Confirmation

only when you receive the second email is your appointment booked.


Use our online booking system to book your appointment today, just click on the Book Now button below to go to the TM2/BlueZincIT booking system and book directly into our clinic diary today.

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