Buteyko Breathing Re-training

Following the publication of 3 important research articles, the Buteyko Breathing technique has been recognised by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) for help in managing and improving symptoms of asthma.

Originating in Russia and developed by Dr Konstantin Buteyko, the Buteyko Breathing retraining programme helps manage symptoms of asthma (cough, wheeze, breathlessness) by following a structured and unique exercise programme which focuses on improving the breathing pattern and reducing hyperventilation (fast breathing).

The programme consists of a minimum of 5 supervised physiotherapy sessions and it is of vital importance to carry out the exercises on your own at least 3 times a day.

Only qualified Buteyko Practitioners, who have followed the extensive Buteyko Breathing course, are qualified to teach Buteyko breathing. At The Physiotherapy Centre, the Buteyko practitioner has the added advantage of over 18 years of respiratory physiotherapy experience, which will further help your asthma.

More information about Buteyko is available on theĀ Buteyko Breathing Association website.