I have just finished a course of EMTT and Hydrotherapy at the Physiotherapy Centre and I can honestly say that it has changed my life and the way I feel about exercise and pain. Having been bent over with pain in my pelvis and lower back I was having trouble getting out of the bath, or even getting up from a chair. Kirsty, my physiotherapist, expertly guided me in the correct exercise and stretches. The EMTT was absolutely painless- I just had to lay a few inches from the machine as it worked. The hydrotherapy was conducted in a beautifully warm pool and in complete privacy. So thank you Kirsty – it was great to meet you and I am so grateful for your expert guidance.

Patrick sanford

Marketing & Sales Director

Patrick handles all the organising of the practice … well, when Christine isn’t running it.  He has been with the company for eight years now. Prior to that, he spent 20 years as marketing manager at a bakery in Brighton – not putting the holes in the doughnuts! 

To his great surprise Patrick graduated from Luton University with a B.A. in Business & Marketing. He also serves as a trustee of a local veterans charity.  In his spare time, Patrick is a keen mountain biker and enjoys watching his daughter playing netball and basketball all round the country … and listening to some great tunes (well he thinks they are).  He believes that challenges make life interesting, but overcoming those challenges makes life meaningful.

As a final word, Patrick is obsessed with ensuring that all our awesome clients receive the highest level of service and care and safest possible environment.