David Ford

David Ford

Treatment for Positional Vertigo

I had been suffering from vertigo for about 18 months.  I went to my local GP’s Surgery and a doctor was able to explain the condition to me but could not offer treatment.

I found the experience of my ongoing vertigo debilitating and had developed a few strategies to try to cope with the nausea of a vertigo attack.  The most successful strategy was to avoid moving the position of my head quickly.  Another was to close my eyes if suffering from an attack.

Following a recommendation from a family member I went to the Physiotherapy Centre at Widley for help and met Joanna, a therapist with experience of dealing with positional vertigo.

Joanna was totally professional and took time to make medical notes of my recent history and explained that there could be many factors that had caused the development of my vertigo.  Joanna then carried out a number of tests with me to determine whether or not I actually had positional vertigo.  After complying with Joanna’s instructions, she then explained it was necessary for me to lay on the treatment couch where she would support and hold my head in various positions.  Doing this Joanna would be able to confirm whether I suffered from positional vertigo.  After testing a few positions to see if vertigo could be triggered Joanna was successful and confirmed that I did indeed have Positional Vertigo.

Then followed a routine where Joanna, again supporting my head in different positions as I moved on the treatment couch following her instructions.  At the end of that session my vertigo had ceased.  Joanna gave me some advice as to my sleeping position for that night.  I actually followed this for a few days as I was so elated that the vertigo had gone and I didn’t want to lapse back to it.

An appointment was made to see Joanna a week later to check how I was.  This confirmed that the vertigo was gone.  Joanne also suggested some exercises for my neck to increase my ability for left right rotation, as I had been restricting my head movements for months to avoid an attack of vertigo.  Joanna also gave me a telephone call a fortnight later to check all was OK with me.

I have nothing but the highest regard for the treatment and care afforded to me by Joanna.  I would therefore unreservedly recommend her treatment for this condition.

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