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Hands on therapy is known by many terms, including Manual therapy, manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation.

Our practitioners are specialists in providing hands on treatments.

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Manual therapy, manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation are all terms used to describe a therapist performing hands on techniques to tissue to reduce pain and restore range of motion and function.

In recent years there has been controversy in its use by many therapists and large organisations such as the NHS are now virtually providing a ‘hands-off’ service. This has mainly been driven by lack of sound research evidence of its use as a single modality and fails to empower people to self-manage their condition.

Our RFS system is aimed at getting results, we therefore use a cluster of various modalities including hands-on treatment combined with rehabilitation, acupuncture, shockwave therapy etc.

Most research will investigate the effect of a single intervention to the body however there is very few research papers investigating the effect of combining techniques. The RFS method does exactly that and combines interventions to create better results.

The RFS method uses various treatment interventions but also various professionals to maximise the results we achieve.

For example, a patient with chronic low back pain could be treated with hands-on treatment combined with shockwave therapy and rehabilitation. At the same time, they may see a clinical psychologist to improve their mental wellbeing and a nutritionist to improve their diet resulting in a much bigger general effect on the person than if we were to just provide that person with a massage.

The RFS method focusses on the person not just the condition.

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Patrick sanford

Marketing & Sales Director

Patrick handles all the organising of the practice … well, when Christine isn’t running it.  He has been with the company for eight years now. Prior to that, he spent 20 years as marketing manager at a bakery in Brighton – not putting the holes in the doughnuts! 

To his great surprise Patrick graduated from Luton University with a B.A. in Business & Marketing. He also serves as a trustee of a local veterans charity.  In his spare time, Patrick is a keen mountain biker and enjoys watching his daughter playing netball and basketball all round the country … and listening to some great tunes (well he thinks they are).  He believes that challenges make life interesting, but overcoming those challenges makes life meaningful.

As a final word, Patrick is obsessed with ensuring that all our awesome clients receive the highest level of service and care and safest possible environment.