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What an amazing experience. I had been suffering with a blocked ear for over 10days. Some of the big names couldn’t fit me in for 5 weeks! I found The Clear Clinic just by searching Google for an alternative and I’m glad I did. Nikki was very quick to respond and really helpful over the phone preparing me for the appointment in terms of using the correct ear drops beforehand. She was able to see me locally within a couple days. Extremely professional and talked me though the procedure. It was totally painless and very quick. The relief was instant and was just so impressive. Thank you to Nikki and The Clear Clinic for making it such a good experience. The pricing was consistent with others and without the 5 week wait! This was held at The Physiotherapy Centre in Portsmouth which is always very accomodating. Thank you.


specialists in microsuction earwax removal

Microsuction still the safest and quickest method of ear wax removal.

It is not necessary to pre soften the ear wax with drops for a long period prior to microsuction (which was advice given for syringing) as the wax can become too soft and in some cases may mean we are unable to access the wax that lies on the ear drum itself; as this is a very delicate membrane.

Ideally for microsuction only need to soften a few days prior – this allows the wax to be soft enough to remove safely as it removed in one plug that moves away from the ear drum altogether as one.

We also now offer Irrigation – which similar syringing but a new gentlier machine and technique are applied to assist in removal of soft wax that lie directly on the ear drum. It gently pulses to ensure a gentlier and safer angle and technique are applied.

So, what does this mean for The Clear Clinics and it’s clientele?… At The Clear Clinics we much prefer microsuction and it always our first option, although on occasion we have been presented with wax too soft for microsuction that sits directly on the ear drum. In these cases previously we have removed as much as we can safely then advised using eardrops to aid removing this.

Now we are able to offer an additional service of irrigation that can remove soft wax sitting directly on the ear drum.

To book you initial consultation, or for more information, please call Nikki on 07497 144 740 or email us with your enquiry.

microsuction earwax removal.
made better by results.

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